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Hidden within the dense vegetation that covers the mountain that sits just behind the city of Shingu, we can find the beautiful Kamikura-Jinja shrine. Kamikura may seem small when compared to the grand Hayatama Taisha shrine nearby, however, Kamikura is said to be one of the oldest sacred spots of Japan’s spiritual Kumano Kodō area. Kamikura, shielded by the sacred Gotobiki Iwa rock, is regarded as a highly spiritual spot where the ancient gods descended to earth, becoming an important worship site before Hayatama Taisha shrine was even built.

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Please note that some people may find this article disturbing as it reports the allegedly real story of a person who predicted a number of natural disasters with surprising accuracy. I decide to publish it only after having contrasted enough evidences to suggest that the story is real. However, I encourage the reader to take a critical standpoint and research before sharing it with others.

The Dream Diary That Became a Book

Ryo Tatsuki is a Japanese lady that debuted as a manga artist in 1975. From 1980 onward, she claims to have experienced premonitory dreams in repeated occasions, and decided record these in a dream diary…

Some time ago I wrote a MATLAB script that processes vehicle’s exhaust sound recordings, analyzes its frequency spectrum and calculates the engine speed in RPMs. Today I will be using 3 example sound recordings to show you how this is done.

Data Collection

The 3 sound files are, first of all, a homemade sound recording of my own car’s exhaust, and 2 sound recordings that I have downloaded from YouTube onboard videos:

  • Mazda MX-5 (NC) 2.0i 158 bhp: My car.
  • Ferrari 150º Italia (Formula 1): Onboard lap around the Suzuka circuit in 2011, by Fernando Alonso.
  • Porsche 911 GT3 991.2: A 0–300…

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